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Welcome to Sasol TechnoX 2018

The 18th annual Sasol Techno X will be held at the Boiketlong Sport Centre, Eric Louw Road in Sasolburg from 13 – 17 August 2018.


Our Commitment to ambient air technology

Sasol Remains committed to continuously limiting the impact of our South African operations on Ambient Air Quality in a practicable and sustainable manner.


A World Leader in Synthetic Fuel Technologies

Our diverse businesses and integrated value chain are the cornerstone of our success.


Advancing Sustainable Development

At Sasol we believe sustainability practices make good business sense


Accelerating Gas-To-Liquids Growth

Fast tracking growth of our proprietary GTL technology is key to our strategic agenda.


Message on behalf of Sasol

Sasol’s flagship career exhibition, Sasol Techno X, yearly attracts more than 20 000 visitors from seven provinces. Traditionally hosted in Sasolburg, and now also bi-annually in Secunda, the event focuses on mathematics, science and technology and is a platform for students to engage with real-world application of these subjects in a way that creates interest and captivates the imagination.
Now, in its 16th year, Sasol Techno X has become the largest STEM career guidance exhibition. It is therefore an honour and privilege to extend an invitation to you to attend the 2016 Sasol Techno X in Sasolburg, Free State. We are indeed excited to host learners so close to the birthplace of Sasol as this is where the first Sasol plants were built more than 60 years ago.

As a large corporation, we serve a higher purpose than just running our businesses profitably. At Sasol we believe in building great South Africans through our various support programmes. We therefore seek to play a constructive role as a transformative employer of choice and, more broadly, as an active corporate citizen.
Our learners of today are the industry leaders of tomorrow and for this reason it is our responsibility to ensure they comprehend the significant contribution they can make in building and strengthening South Africa’s economy. Mathematics, science and technology are the driving forces behind stimulating economic growth and socio-economic development.

At Sasol our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives seek to promote the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate. As such, Education and Skills Development, specifically aimed at youth, is an important focus area.

Skills shortage is not only prevalent in our country, but also globally, especially in the fields of mathematics, science and technology. This places a significant constraint on the growth and development of the South African economy. Quality education and well-equipped schools are vital if job creation and socio-economic development is to be improved in our local and regional municipal areas.
To assist in improving the skills shortage challenge, educational enhancement in Metsimaholo has been achieved through focused CSI initiatives, Sasol Ikusasa programmes as well as the Sasol sponsored Boitjhorisong Resource Centre, a mathematics, science, technology and accounting (MSTA) disciplines advancement centre of excellence.

Let us pave the way to a brighter future for our youth of today as well as, for future generations by exposing them to a world of opportunities that may be discovered through mathematics, science and technology. Sasol Techno X 2016 promises to ignite the curiosity within learners to ask the right questions for today’s minds that will create the ideas that will enable tomorrow’s developments; ultimately shaping our future. It is our aim to open the eyes and minds of learners to a world of possibilities.

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To inform, inspire and motivate learners, educators and the general public, in an understanding of technology in all its forms.


The Sasol Techno X sponsors competitions for learners from Grade 7 to Grade 12 to encourage learners to indulge in the world of mathematics, science and technology.

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