Sasol hosts biggest science and technology career exhibition in Sasolburg

Sasol TechnoX Exhibition

Sasolburg, South Africa – Sasol is hosting the 18th flagship career exhibition, Sasol Techno X, from 13 – 17 August 2018 at the Boiketlong Sport Centre in Sasolburg, Free State.

Over the years Sasol Techno X has become the largest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career guidance exhibition in the country that annually attracts more than 20 000 visitors from seven provinces.

Traditionally hosted in Sasolburg, and now also bi-annually in Secunda, Sasol Techno X focuses on mathematics, science and technology and is a platform for Grade 7 – 12 learners to engage with real world application of these subjects in a way that creates interest and captivates the imagination.

Sasol realises that artisan skills are critical in most industries and have a significant role to play in growing national and local economies. In the case of Sasol, the company requires around 16 artisans for every one engineer that it employs. At Sasol Techno X 2018 a dedicated section features tertiary skills training facilities that practically demonstrate artisan training possibilities and opportunities.

At the main Sasol exhibition, a large focus is placed this year on Information Technology. Sasol Information Management and its partners are bringing innovative thinking and the accompanying technology to Sasol Techno X that enables solutions ranging from the protection of vital information, to the reduction of operating costs, the optimisation of our business processes, improved decision making through data access and much more. Over the years Sasol has taken pride in providing learners opportunities to interact with various experts while visiting the stands. At Sasol Techno X 2018 the almost 3 m tall robot at the Sasol Information Management stand is bound to entertain while instilling appreciation for the wonders of the digital world.

Another “not-to-be-missed” show is the Kalahari Scientist who teaches scientific principles through demonstrations designed to inspire and motivate our next generation of scientists. His enthusiastic way of presenting, coupled with clear explanations, makes it a truly memorable experience for learners and teachers.

Promising to keep visitors as enticed, is Plastics SA’s Aqua Amazing shows that educate and inform visitors on waste management and the devastating effects of pollution in the oceans. Aqua amazing uses a shark, which they dissect in front of the audience, to help them understand the importance of keeping our environment clean.

“Sasol has hosted Sasol Techno X for the past 18 years as part of our programmes that promote sustainable socio-economic development through education because it enables access to tertiary education, promotes STEM education at schools and ultimately bolsters the pool of technical, vocational and STEM-related skills among the youth of South Africa,” said Wrenelle Stander, Sasol’s Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs and Real Estate Services.

Sasol is bringing Sasol Technox to Sasolburg from 13 to 17 August 2018

sasol technox

Sasol is bringing Sasol TechnoX 2018 from 13 – 17 August 2018 to the Boiketlong Sport Centre, Eric Louw Road in Sasolburg with the theme “Dream. Explore. Become”.

Regarded as the largest career guidance exhibition of its kind in South Africa, Sasol TechnoX is a career guidance exhibition that attracts learners from seven South African provinces. The flagship exhibition seeks to stimulate interest in the technological application of science and mathematics among learners, teachers and the general public. This is done by giving visitors the opportunity to see and experience the numerous opportunities mathematics, science and technology hold, through exhibitions and workshops by industry, government and non-government organisations as well as tertiary academic institutions.

Learners will be exposed to what is possible through access to information on new and evolving careers within STEM-related fields, career guidance, and bursary opportunities from different institutions. Learners will also get to directly engage with academic institutions to get better insights on the fields of study they would like to pursue.

Sasol has been sponsoring Sasol TechnoX for 17 years – an event that has grown in popularity and has become the largest career guidance exhibition of its kind. More than 370 000 people have visited Sasol TechnoX since 2001.

Sasol exposes learners to career possibilities in Maths and Science at Sasol Techno X 2017

Sasol Techno X 2017, Sasol’s flagship career and education event that aims to encourage high school learners to choose Mathematics and Science in school, officially kicked off in Secunda, Mpumalanga on Monday, 31 July 2017. The event is taking place in Secunda for the second time at the Sasol Recreational Club, and will end on Friday, 04 August 2017.

“Sasol Techno X provides a convenient, one stop shop where learners are exposed to relevant subject matter, information on tertiary education, career guidance, bursaries and learnership opportunities,” said Gerrit Viljoen, Sasol Senior Vice President: Capital Projects at Group Technology.

“During this year’s event, we hope to host learners from more than 250 schools within the five districts of Mpumalanga. It is our hope that through Sasol Techno X, we will be able to open the eyes and minds of these learners to a world of possibilities in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Technology,” he added.

To date, Sasol Techno X, which initially took place only in Sasolburg, Free State, has attracted more than 360 000 young enquiring minds, inspiring them with talks, displays, workshops, and hands-on activities, revealing the endless possibilities in science and technology. For Sasol, the event is one of the many ways that the company is demonstrating its commitment to developing South Africa’s future leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related fields.

“I must commend Sasol and other big businesses that have made time and space to avail their career opportunities to our young learners,” said Reginah Mhaule, MEC for Education in Mpumalanga.

“As Government our obligation and priority is to improve the lives of the people of this province and we are highly appreciative of the private-public partnership that is at work now.”

More than 20 000 learners are expected to attend Sasol Techno X this week.

Sasol Techno X 2017 creates opportunities for youth to dream, explore and become

Sasol, in partnership with the Mpumalanga government will, from 31 July – 4 August 2017, bring learners Sasol Techno X 201, which is regarded as the largest career guidance exhibition of its kind in South Africa.

The exhibition is aimed at high school learners from across the country.

The theme for this year’s Techno X, which is Sasol’s flagship career exhibition showcasing the endless possibilities available in technical, mathematics, science and technology disciplines, is “Dream. Explore. Become”.

“The intention behind Techno X is to motivate learners to dream big while empowering them to make these dreams a reality,” said Maureen Mboshane, Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Sasol Secunda Operations.

“This we do by exposing them to a world of career possibilities and opportunities within fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

More than 10 000 learners from different provinces are expected to attend this year’s Sasol Techno X, which promises to ignite their curiosity. There, learners will be exposed to what is possible through access to information on new and evolving careers within STEM-related fields, career guidance, and bursary opportunities from different institutions. Learners will also get to directly engage with academic institutions to get better insights on the fields of study they would like to pursue.

There will also be various exciting competitions for pupils to take part in. These include an art competition where learners with a creative talent will get to use this year’s Techno X them to produce artwork; and a science competition. Learners will also be challenged to create clothing garments using recyclable waste materials. These will be featured in a fashion show.