Sasol Techno X 2017 creates opportunities for youth to dream, explore, and become.

Sasol Techno X 2017 creates opportunities for youth to dream, explore, and become.

Sasol, in partnership with the Mpumalanga government will, from 31 July – 4 August 2017, bring learners Sasol Techno X 201, which is regarded as the largest career guidance exhibition of its kind in South Africa.

The exhibition is aimed at high school learners from across the country.

The theme for this year’s Techno X, which is Sasol’s flagship career exhibition showcasing the endless possibilities available in technical, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY disciplines, is “Dream. Explore. Become”.

“The intention behind Techno X is to motivate learners to dream big while empowering them to make these dreams a reality,” said Maureen Mboshane, Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Sasol Secunda Operations.

“This we do by exposing them to a world of career possibilities and opportunities within fields of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS.”

More than 10 000 learners from different provinces are expected to attend this year’s Sasol Techno X, which promises to ignite their curiosity. There, learners will be exposed to what is possible through access to information on new and evolving careers within STEM-related fields, career guidance, and bursary opportunities from different institutions. Learners will also get to directly engage with academic institutions to get better insights on the fields of study they would like to pursue.

There will also be various exciting competitions for pupils to take part in. These include an art competition where learners with a creative talent will get to use this year’s Techno X them to produce artwork; and a science competition. Learners will also be challenged to create clothing garments using recyclable waste materials. These will be featured in a fashion show.

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